3rd International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence:
New Challenges for Product and Production Engineering
June 13th (Mon.) - 15th (Wed.) 2016: Paderborn, Germany

Scope of the Conference SysInt 2016

This international event provides a forum for academia and industry to disseminate their latest innovations and practises. The focus is on integration of new, intelligent functionalities into materials, components, systems and products to enable future technologies with enhanced capabilities.


Development of new sensor materials and technologies, intelligent products including cyber-physical systems (CPS), self-controlled processes for logistics and production engineering (“Industry 4.0”) are within the scope of the conference. Fundamental research areas thus include functional materials research, mechatronic systems and production engineering, microsystems technology, systems engineering and computer science.


1. Intelligent Systems: Enabling Technologies

- Self-Optimization and Autonomous Control

- Agent-Based Systems, Machine Learning, Biologically Inspired Planing Methods

- Smart Materials, Components and Systems

- Sensor Development and Sensor-Integration

- Material Integrated Sensing


2. The Future of Manufacturing: Cyber-Physical Production and Logistic Systems

- Smart Factories and Advanced Automation

- Product Intelligence

- Human-Machine-Interaction


3. Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

- Internet of Things

- Service Architectures

- User Interfaces


4. Structural Health Monitoring

- Design for Reliability, Safety and Durability

- Predictive Maintenance

- Case Studies Across Industries, Products and Materials


5. Systems Engineering

- Model-Based Systems Engineering

- Consistency: From Requirements to System Integration and Tests

- Verification and Validation